Martin Style Classical / Nylon Guitar

I am currently working on this classical guitar, which is something of a hybrid model and a nod to Martin's 00-18C guitars. It is a 00 size/shape (very similar footprint to a traditional classical guitar shape) with fan bracing, spruce top and walnut back and sides. So this will be a classical guitar with the look of a steel string, a slightly narrower nut width and neck profile, and string height … Read More »

Jumbo OM Build for Tom

I have been working on a jumbo OM for my friend Tom. This is an updated body shape for me, slightly bigger than my old OM, with a wider lower bout and longer body. It is somewhere inbetween a Martin OM and a Dreadnought. Should make for a loud guitar with great range, whilst still comfotable to sit and play for a long period of time. The guitar has an engelmann spruce top, indian rosewood back an … Read More »

Parlour Guitar Build

This week I have started a parlour guitar build. The guitar will be ladder braced, and uses a very old and very stiff piece of cedar for the soundboard. I have left the top a little thicker than I would for an x-braced guitar, as this will minimise any bellying around the bridge. The bridge plate will also be a little oversized for this reason. The back is a 7-piece, made from flamed maple and mah … Read More »

Cedar OM Build

Here is a quick summary of another small OM build I completed a few years ago. It had a cedar soundboard, african mahogany back and sides, white plastic trim, rosewood bridge and fretboard. Very simple appointments, and a nice warm oil finish. The body shape was my first iteration of an OM style guitar, although this model was made with a 12th fret neck joint rather than 14th. I wanted the guitar … Read More »

Modern OM Build

This guitar was finished (and sold) a year or so ago. It was my take on a modern OM fingerstyle guitar, with a unique body size a little smaller than a typical OM and inspired by the shape of the Larson Euphonon, with square shoulders and a curvy lower bout. It had a european spruce top with some cool bearclaw to it, and sapele back and sides, which was a deep orange colour with some wicked str … Read More »

Vintage Parlour Guitar Build

One of my early parlour guitars was inspired by the Martin style parlours. It was somewhere between a 0 and 00 in size, with quite a deep body. I wanted to squeeze as much tone as I could out of the small shape, so when thicknessing the plates i feathered the edges a bit more than normal. This has the effect of allowing the soundboard and back to vibrate more freely in the monopole, helping the ba … Read More »

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