Martin Style Classical / Nylon Guitar

I am currently working on this classical guitar, which is something of a hybrid model and a nod to Martin's 00-18C guitars. It is a 00 size/shape (very similar footprint to a traditional classical guitar shape) with fan bracing, spruce top and walnut back and sides. So this will be a classical guitar with the look of a steel string, a slightly narrower nut width and neck profile, and string height at the bridge inbetween a traditional flamenco guitar and standard classical.

The walnut is quite plain, but does have some figure towards the end graft. The spruce top is very lively, so I have high hopes that this will sound great.

I have made a few classicals before, but most of my experience is with steel strings. I think the main considerations are building the neck angle to ensure good action with no buzzing, bearing in mind the greater amplitude of the nylon strings, and then thicknessing the soundboard to be responsive to the lower tension and energy in the system. the nut width is 50mm and the fretboard radius is 16', so should be comfy for someone who typically plays steel string guitars.

The neck is spanish cedar with some kind of rosewood for the headstock veneer. The fretboard is ebony @ 645mm scale, and the bridge will be Madagascan Rosewood.

All I have left to do before finishing is final sand the body; add some bone support to the bridge at the tie block; final carve the neck; level & dress the frets.