Guitars for Sale

I currently build guitars in three sizes. Dimensions and base price for each listed below. Base price is representative of top quality solid woods. Spruce or Cedar for the soundboard; indian rosewood, mahogany or walnut for the back and sides; mahogany or cedar for the neck and ebony or indian rosewood for the fretboard and bridge. Grover Sta-Tite open backed tuners; simple BWB rosette and purfling options; evo gold fretwire and a hand rubbed oil finish. It includes a hard case but no delivery costs.

All guitars come with a two-way adjustable truss rod and are made with a bolt on neck. I can fit a K&K Pure Mini pickup to any guitar for just the cost of the part. The guitar is protected by a lifetime warranty granted to the original owner against defects due to poor workmanship or manufacturing.

JUMBO OM - This model has a footprint somewhere between a Dreadnought and a typical OM. The lower bout is wide and curvy, and has been given a bit more space as the waist and upper bout is shifted up slightly. By keeping the body depth around 100mm this remains a very comfortable and portable guitar to play, but with the tone benefits of the vast active lower bout. Models in this size with a deeper body (upto 120mm) gain the boom and bass of a Dreadnought whilst still maintaining a tight midrange. I can build this in long (645mm) or short scale (628mm), but always with a 14th fret neck joint. Perfect for fingerstyle guitar and concert performances.

Upper Bout 280mm

Waist 245mm

Lower Bout 395mm

Length 493mm

Base Price £1400

00 - This is my take on the 00 size guitar. Great for blues and folk style playing, and with a small footprint so very comfortable to play for long periods. The square shoulders and curvy lower bout give this guitar a unique modern look. This guitar comes in short scale (628mm) and with a 12th fret neck joint. I like to build these with a decent body depth (around 100mm) to ensure it packs a punch.

Upper Bout 244mm

Waist 216mm

Lower Bout 376mm

Length 496mm

Base Price £1300

PARLOUR - My parlour is an old fashioned lap guitar. Another short scale 12th fretter, it is very light and comfortable to play. I build them either ladder braced or x-braced, and they sound best with a deep body and a reflective back. Cedar is the best pick for the soundboard as it imparts a lot of warmth.

Upper Bout 220mm

Waist 178mm

Lower Bout 302mm

Length 452mm

Base Price £1100

Below are guitars that are currently available to buy, or very recently sold.

Recent Builds